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DCN “Digital Commerce Network” is a platform for Virtual Vending Machines, through DCN you can control your vending machine remotely and display advertising wherever they are to generate more revenue as well as it is developed using up-to-date technologies such as Admin Panel for content management, Smart Touch Screen, Sensors, Cashless payment, Graphic Operations Interface, Digital Advertising, and much more.

Established in 2016 as a provider of innovative M-Commerce & interactive Digital marketing.
Provides a Complete technological & strategic solution that taps into the next generation of digital opportunities.
Get your M-Commerce presence in less than 30 days.
A North American subsidiary of BeMotion Inc. established in 2018 as the provider of innovative M-Commerce & Interactive Digital marketing and AR advertising.
Provides complete digital advertising and digital vending machines distributed in 5000+ locations serving a wide range of high standards of PPE, Health-Care, CBD & fitness products.
Shifts digital Ads industry into new era of live, Interactive and engaging advertisements with Ads displays along with Augmented Reality user experience.

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BeMotion guarantees to provide the completed product in less than 30 days.
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Who will support the technical?
BeMotion will take care of all the technical components and solutions as required.
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We will work with you to customize your business, through our MCN platform, according to your specific needs and pathway forward.
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BeMotion provides complete A-Z solutions.

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